To celebrate Earth Day 2021 in style, our Strategy Officer Clemence has arranged to gift you a £10 voucher to spend at Thrift+, online home of sustainable fashion today on Thursday 22nd April 2021.

As a second-hand fashion convert, she’d love to introduce more shoppers to buying second hand clothes so we can all lower our fashion footprint. 


Why Thrift+?

There are still millions of people across the U.K. who rarely – or never – shop second hand. 

The problem is that 73% of new clothes produced end up incinerated or in landfill. The best way to tackle this problem is to shop second hand. As a special Earth Day reward, get £10 off and free returns on your first order on if you shop today. 

Fast fashion means that the fashion industry emits more carbon every year than planes and ships combined. It’s time to slow down, and to #shopsecondhand. Buy today (April 22nd) and get £10 off your first order and free returns on 

Thrift+ exists to accelerate the circular fashion economy.

They help people to re-sell and buy the best second-hand clothes to give them a new life. AND each sale raises funds for charity. The majority of us already donate our second-hand clothes to charities, and we want to supercharge the impact of that generosity. Each seller is asked to nominate a chosen charity to benefit from their sales on Thrift+.

Think second hand means risky, poor quality clothes?

Think again. You can get a wide selection of quality-assured second-hand clothes on, with a 30 day returns policy. Still not convinced? Get £10 off your first order this Earth Day.

Buying second hand clothes is the best way for each and every one of us to reduce the environmental impact of fashion. Check out the wide selection of quality-assured clothes on Thrift+, and get £10 off and free returns using this link when you shop this Earth Day. 


 Let’s reduce the environmental impact of fashion

Supercharging the sustainable fashion movement to reduce the environmental impact of fashion:

  Shop with Thrift+ for the first time on 22nd April to redeem your reward 

£10 off orders over £30 PLUS free returns 

  £5 per order is donated to WWF 

Beyond today 22nd April, your reward link still works but you’ll receive a £5 voucher when you shop at Thrift+.

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