zero waste glasgow

Time is closing in on our crowdfunder campaign to bring zero waste to Glasgow through Society Zero.

zero waste glasgow

We’ve added new rewards from some amazing people who believe in what we’re doing including Lucy Siegle, our founder has done some live videos and q&a’s much to her delight we’re sure and we’ve received so many messages of support it’s been overwhelming!

If you’re on our social media outlets you may have seen our live videos talking about our crowdfunder, Society Zero itself and living zero waste. We have been promoting our campaign as far and wide as we can and with three days to go, we’re getting to closing time and we’re now 45% of the way to reaching our target of £1,500 to bring our market stall to Glasgow.

Unfortunately, with no media interest due to being a small target it’s difficult to get our story out there, so we’ve relied on the amazing generosity and belief of you to share our story and get behind us, which so many of you have and we cannot thank you enough.

Your messages, comments and emails of support have been amazing, to know that so many people are behind us making Glasgow more zero waste!

If you’d like to donate to support us or donate some last minute rewards to our campaign then go to our crowdfunder page here –

Thank you for all of your support and enthusiasm, we look forward to serving you in the future!

zero waste shop in glasgow

162 Queen Margaret Drive,  Glasgow G20 8NX


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