Since we’re in the middle of Plastic-Free July, we thought we would gather some ideas and inspiration to help you create zero waste crafts for the summer.

1. Dried flower petal homemade paper

Worn edges and texture give this easy-to-make paper a quality that is timeless. Turn it onto cards, wrapping paper etc… you can find all the instructions here.

2. Egg Carton Animal Masks

You’ll have to unleash your imagination for this one as there are no step-by-step instructions! All you need is an egg box, some string and some sharpies or paint.

3. Driftwood Mobile

Driftwood or any other beach finds will do but we particularly love this one for its subtle shades and timeless quality. Instructions for a slightly different one can be found here.

4. Wire Hanger Wreath

These are so pretty to make with wild grasses and dot around the house and give away as presents. Instructions here.

5. Market Tote Bag

Effortlessly make a few from an old bed sheet! We love this pattern. So simple. So practical. Pattern and instructions here.

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