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Today I wrote to our Crowdfunder backers and I thought I’d be more upset at this decision we’ve come to make but it doesn’t feel like a failure, or a setback, instead it feels like the right thing to do at this time and I hope you will all support our decision and movement forward.

Read the letter below:

Good afternoon,

I’ve had a lot of thoughts about our crowdfunder, to create an amazing access opportunity for zero waste shopping.
To bring zero waste shopping directly to people. I spoke more about this than anything ever before, campaigned as much as we could, got our story across the media, but people just couldn’t pick it up.

While we’ve had thousands of shares, many wonderful supporters, to which I’m eternally grateful for the belief, something hasn’t felt right and it was a bit of fear but also a lot of circumstantial stuff. We’re about to go through ANOTHER general election, it’s coming up for Christmas, there was a time restriction for buying the mobile shop, amongst many other things going on in the world and then we didn’t have the opportunity with RBS to top up our crowdfunder which would have been a massive help, nor did we find any businesses happy to support our cause due to us not being a charity. Also the fact we were very ambitious with the outstretch of our mobile shop.

After speaking to other zero waste shop owners, some social enterprise, some not, it’s a common want in Scotland to have a mobile shop so we will instead work on this in the future in collaboration with other zero waste shops working in rural areas.

We’re not stopping, or giving up we’re just going to go back to our original plan, of opening up our Hub/HQ/physical shop space in the West End. After all, it needs more social enterprises in the area.

We’re feeling very positive about this decision despite the crowdfunder and now, after viewing some properties, we will reveal what we can, when we are able to.

I’d like to personally thank every single one of you who not only donated to our mobile shop crowdfunder, but also shared our story, spoke to us about the plans and how excited you were and we’re all extremely grateful for the campaign being supported by so many. We feel this is the right decision to cancel and refund the crowdfunder just now so we can focus fully over the next month or so on the original plan and move forward with that, then when in full operation, we can return to the mobile shop plan and work in collaboration with other zero waste shops on this.

For those who chose the very popular pledges of beeswax wrap making kits and sourdough classes, we’ll organise for these to happen over the next month hopefully with a sourdough class to happen in January perhaps. For the money raised from our swap shop, we’ll put the £159 raised towards a funded community workshop to enable people to take part without the financial barrier.

Again, thank you for your support, I’m truly honoured we have built such a supportive community and that we are able to still work on this and move forward with our plans, just in a different direction. Previously I’d have crumbled with something like this, it would have felt like admitting defeat but this just feels like the right thing to do and not admitting defeat at all, in fact it feels the opposite and the right thing to do.

We may do another but smaller crowdfunder to help towards the physical shop space, depending on various funding options. We shall see what happens though over the next month or so and hopefully have a big update for you soon.

My kindest and warmest regards,


Zero Waste shop in Glasgow

162 Queen Margaret Drive,  Glasgow G20 8NX


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