We’re not superheroes, but here’s our origin story

From a land of natural and original beauty, being littered constantly everywhere you look. Not just litter by the roadsides, useless and harmful single use and pointless plastics literally everywhere, wasteful attitudes being manifested through clever advertising and the ever increasing fast fashion marketing tactics harming people’s minds and wallets. Armed with a drive to make Scotland beautiful again and renew societies view on waste and their own belongings to have less of an impact – the idea of Society Zero was born.

As an environmental science student, the founder – Sophie, wanted to make an impact on how consumers in Scotland behaved, through a business that was socially aware of the view of inaccessibility and affordability associated with living more zero waste.

Problem being, how could consumers make better choices and have a better impact on the environment and lower their carbon footprint without having the available resources to do so?

As a mother of three, Sophie wanted to make sure that her children, her children’s friends and families could grow up in a better, cleaner world.

It sounds like a cliché but the kind of world we leave behind for the next generations is up to us.

society zero team members market stall zero waste market stall glasgow
Some of the team at Society Zero CIC – Pictured left to right, Kate, Anna & Sophie

Sophie was joined by Kate, Anna, and Laura – together they make a dynamic team of zero waste pioneers and advocates, on a mission to make a difference in Glasgow with being a social business at the heart of everything that they do which is why we are a community interest company, meaning we are not about profit.

We at Society Zero believe it isn’t just up to consumers to source out the plastic free produce though. We firmly believe that that produce and those products need to be provided without the problem of plastic waste being put onto the customer.

We want Society Zero to be available for people to be able to make the right choices at real affordable prices that not only saves money for the buyers but also pays its suppliers too.

With no non-recyclable materials in sight, we only provide materials, produce and products which can be consumed with an ecological and environmentally friendly background. We only produce and provide packaging of which can be reused and recycled.

We want to encourage the circular economy and get rid of the fast-fashion/single-use attitude our country has grown so accustomed to in the last 50 years, while also supporting as many local businesses and producers of food and products as we can.

We’re also unashamed to admit, this isn’t a new idea, as 50/60 years ago this was basically the ONLY way you could shop and there are more zero waste shops popping up all over the country.

We want to bring back the community feel to your shopping habits as well as doing good for the planet by helping you support your local independent businesses and community, from the ground up.

Society Zero - Minimal to Zero Waste shop in Glasgow