What is a community interest company?

In case you haven’t heard what a Community Interest Company (CIC) is, it’s a company formed like other limited companies but with an asset lock meaning if anything goes wrong and we had to dissolve the company and stop trading – our assets would go to similar community interest companies meaning it all gets moved into other areas rather than going to ‘waste’.

It also means, we are not for profit. While a CIC isn’t a charity, it is similar to that we cannot have shareholders making a quick buck but it also means we cannot we pay ourselves to get ‘rich’ and we are regulated by the Community Interest Company Regulator.

With Society Zero, we will not have a few directors at the top making big bucks and taking the profit while other staff get very little. We promise to keep wages fair, pay a living wage to our staff, and in proportion to the responsibility of the roles. As any profit comes into the company, it will be redistributed into meeting our aims as a social enterprise.

Our memorandum and aims as a community interest company

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Society Zero will provide environmentally friendly products and produce to reduce the amount of single use and unnecessary plastics filling up landfill to fulfil our aims as a zero waste company. Any packaging or products we do/have to provide will be compostable, recyclable or life-long products therefore reducing the impact on waste.


We will provide workshops and talks to schools, colleges, universities, workplaces and the wider community on how to reduce their waste impact and how to make environmentally friendly / zero waste products to use at home. We want to make these as accessible to as many people as possible so that everyone can live a minimal waste life.

Support Marginalised Society

Society Zero will provide zero-waste packages/kits to vulnerable and marginalised members of society starting up on their own in a new home – we aim to provide care leavers, women’s shelters, refugees and homeless people entering their new homes with zero-waste kits and packages to help them on their way to being self-sufficient, independent and living more zero waste. We hope to fund these through profits and donations from the public.

Employment Opportunities

Society Zero endeavour to employ young care experienced people/care leavers looking to gain experience within the retail industry while also paying them a real living wage no matter what their age. We also want to employ unemployed adults looking for work who are deemed ‘too qualified’ and those reaching retirement age to bridge the unemployment gap and supporting them while also giving a living wage. We want to employ from both ends of the spectrum as we believe multi-generational workplaces are key to a great workplace and it has been proven it increases work fulfilment, happiness and learning experiences for teams involved.

No Discrimination

We will support our staff, customers and communities with their choices through education, training and workshops. We will also never discriminate against people’s beliefs, choices, orientations, education, gender, race, familial circumstance or background in any way and aim to be supportive and inclusive of as many communities as we can in introducing them to a zero waste lifestyle.


Society Zero CIC aims to be an inclusive, accessible and fair company that is a real contribution to society and supportive of its local communities. We also hope it’s a great place to shop, interact with the community and a great place to work in.

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