best sustainability documentaries to watch

If you’re looking for a documentary to watch tonight – Have a look at these documentaries that will make you think about living zero waste, sustainability, minimalism and the environment.

The first documentary I watched after starting to study Environmental Science – Before the Flood

It was at first depressing wondering what kinds of changes could I possibly make to have any kind of difference in helping solve the situation but then by the end of the documentary – I felt inspired to do more, speak up more and do as much as I could to help others see the very real and desperate problem that somehow gets put into the backs of our minds when going about our daily lives.

Where to watch: YouTube (full movie available), Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime – all correct at date of publication

A must watch for those who are curious about the rubbish we produce – The Secret Life of Landfill: A Rubbish History

This documentary opened our eyes to just how much waste has been produced over the years and where it goes, even though we talk about it all the time, seeing it on our screens – the magnitude of the problem and just exactly how much harm is and can be done through the waste we produce, this is certainly one everyone should watch!

Where to watchBBC

If you’re in the mood to watch plastic waste specific documentaries – watch A Plastic Ocean

This again may be depressing to think about when you’re watching, BUT, get inspired by it, let it motivate you in your actions towards waste and the massive issue of plastics.

THIS is why we started Society Zero. Also see Blue Planet.

Where to watch: Available on Netflix 

If you’re interested in the Amazon Rainforest, this is a great watch –  I Bought A Rainforest

Another University watch – but it’s actually a good topic to hear about when it comes to the environment and how it can affect so many different aspects of people’s lives.

Where to watch: BBC iPlayer

It’s difficult to ignore the plastic crisis with this in depth documentary – Watch Drowning in Plastic

It’s a difficult watch but don’t let it distress or depress you, let it inspire your desire for change and get the movement against plastic waste growing bigger.

Where to watch: BBC iPlayer

Jumping back on the theme of Rainforests and introducing why we want to avoid majorly unsustainable palm oil – Watch Red Ape: Saving the Orangutan

Orangutan’s are cute, our closest relative and yet they’re under threat for the price of a cheap vegetable oil. Palm oil plantations ruin the homes of such vast biodiversity that we need to question sustainable palm oil industries more.

Where to watch: BBC iPlayer

If you’re interested in the effects of animal agriculture on climate change watch – Cowspiracy

While going vegan or vegetarian isn’t for everyone and we fully respect this, this is a good start on finding out the effects of animal agriculture on our environment.

Where to watch: Netflix

If you’re wanting to know more about the food waste industry – Global Waste

Every day, millions of tonnes of food and other materials go to waste. France recently made it illegal to waste food in supermarkets and instead it is now donated to charities, and after watching this documentary, one can only hope it’s an effort more/all countries will take up. Keep in mind figures in the documentary are from 2011 and before.

Where to watch: Netflix

If you’re interested in climate changes effect on the oceans watch – Chasing Coral

Coral Reef fans and divers be prepared if you haven’t been diving in a while – this is a shocking sight to see.

Where to watch: Netflix

Interested to know who pays the price of fashion? – Watch The True Story

Fast fashion not only destroys  the environment, human rights, lives of others, but feeds the consumerism and materialistic lifestyle the media and clever marketing tells us to live. This one should *hopefully* help you think differently about how your clothes are made and at what price. This is the reason why we want to support Fair trade every way we can.

Where to watch: Netflix

Minimalism has proven happiness for so many people – The Minimalists

After watching The Minimalists, I instantly wanted to throw everything out of the house but I learned how I could implement it in ways that fit in with my lifestyle and family. I learned that consumerism, fast fashion and materialism doesn’t make anyone truly happy.

Where to watch: Netflix

Although this is based on American farming, it raises some very good points about farming and questioning sustainability – Sustainable

It’s a documentary about the local food movement in America but really makes you think and question our own food network. Supporting local food systems and food providers where possible is so important for not only health but also the way our land works.

Where to watch: Google Play, Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Prime & Vudu

Hopefully you’ll enjoy these and they’ll get you thinking more about sustainability and the environment. They’ll certainly be ones to recommend to your friends and family to watch.

Let us know your favourites or any you’d recommend!

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