We chose our suppliers for great reasons, their affordability, ethical values, environmental standards and locality. A big selling point in the choice for products is their waste values. Our very popular Miniml household liquid products are brilliant to use, from their cleaning vinegar to their shampoo and their washing up liquid to amazing smelling handsoap. The best product point though, they use what we call a circular waste system or closed loop as others call it. All their containers are sent back as seen in the picture on the pallet they arrived in, to be cleaned out, relabelled and refilled ready to be used again.

What other refill suppliers don’t do, despite selling bulk product, they don’t seem to take the containers back, instead just stick them in the recycling, degrading the plastic over time to a point it’s set for landfill. Refilling these giant jerrycans, leads to a better life and use of the plastic. After all, plastic isn’t all bad, it’s extremely useful, it’s just how we use it that leads to problems. Reusing and refilling these jerrycans for years to come is far far better for the planet, just like YOU reusing your shampoo and washing up liquid bottles over and over again.

Miniml Household Liquid Refill Jerrycans, ready for pick up, Glasgow zero waste shop
Miniml Household Liquid Refill Jerrycans, ready for pick up

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