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Thoughts From Our MD Sophie Lejeune

The World is Changing and It’s Going to be Okay

Did I think this was going to be how 2020 was? Did anybody? No, of course not.

Amidst the chaos of empty shelves, barely being able to get through to NHS24 with something other than CV19 symptoms, endless mass media panic along with social media feeling like there is no hope, I truly believe there is. Just look at the positive news about how the earth is healing at the moment from reduced pollution levels.

Never before have i witnessed, hidden amongst the racist remarks and start-your-aloe-vera-juice-work-from-home-scheme comments, such comradery, passion, togetherness and honest helping hands be there for one another.

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I’m not surprised that it’s the individuals like you, community activists, small independent businesses and self employed, some of the worst affected financially from this, that are offering barters of skills to keep going and rethinking how they can support their staff, the bars and restaurants cooking up all their food for the homeless and offering food deliveries to the most vulnerable, people giving out and sharing excess or what is no longer needed to others going without and en masse trips to the foodbanks.

It’s truly amazing to see how, (despite how we feel when we see people piling up enough toilet paper and baby formula to fill their home version of Fort Knox) there are true colours of love, kindness and community coming through among the shadows of doubt and fear. We will prevail and there’s a new world ahead for us.

How You Can Keep Going

If you’re going to be, or are already, at home with your children, self isolating or working from home, your mental health is going to need taken care of more than ever. Yes, bingeing on Netflix seems like a great thing but this is also the perfect time to truly look after yourself. What our team are doing that you can maybe do too:

  • Baking bread and food for themselves neighbours, family and friends – there are LOTS of tutorials online for these and we will be hosting our own online workshops too in the coming weeks
  • Sewing and repairing clothes
  • Gardening and planting food for the summer (which will eventually appear)
  • Drawing and painting
  • Catching up with the to-be-read list
  • Home bodyweight workouts – there are many to choose from on YouTube
  • Sharing tools and utensils with neighbours to help with the odd jobs around the house that have been neglected
  • Learning something new – there are again LOTS of free online courses even from top world ranking universities on the likes of edX, open learn and other websites. I’m taking up a small course in Philosophy, because why not?
  • Video call as many friends as you can to keep in touch
  • If you do watch Netflix, host a watch party and you can chat along with your friends about the show (Ru Paul’s Drag Race watch party anyone?)

The list is endless, but keeping your mind and body engaged and active, not scrolling through the negativity on social media (you can unfollow pages and mute people who post endlessly very easily nowadays, make space for positivity.

Our Society Zero C.I.C shop

Of course we needed to update you. Amidst all of this, we were supposed to have opened up our shop in the west end of Glasgow at the start of April.

This is now going to be delayed due to the lack of availability for our huge first initial stock order of food, delays in deliveries and of course the joy that is legal work in the background regarding the lease being delayed as people switch to working from home.

Example of how part of our shop will look inside

BUT, it is going ahead and we shall be a resident, physical shop space, we hope for summer time. We will also be wanting to support as many local tradespeople as we can afford on the shop fit too.


We are doing all we can to make sure that we will be there as a community empowered shop, logistics will have to be figured out with regards to how people will shop with us at the new physical space given guidelines changing every day it feels, but there will be a way.

We are now in plans to have our shop open and ready for you to visit, shop, click and collect order in the summer time when things are, for now, predicted to calm down and the public will be less at risk.

What We Need To Do Now

Given these exceptional, never before seen circumstances, we have to stay afloat to survive. As our markets, events and workshops have to be cancelled or postponed for the forseeable future, we have to solely rely on our online shop income as many many of our fellow market stall holders and independent businesses will be as well.

We’d encourage and love for you to shop with us, to ensure that we can bring the physical shop of food, household liquid refills and personal hygiene essentials into a reality for you in the near future. Supporting us also means we can help those out who truly need it most at the moment and continuing to build our community and outreach.

As schools are set to shut on Friday, deliveries will hopefully not be delayed but also for health, please be assured that, as we always have done, we wash our hands before packaging, ensure safe clean storage surfaces in our unit and clean packing surfaces on where we pack our deliveries.

***As a precaution, we will be using up donated boxes for packaging that were donated months ago and thank you for the offers but unfortunately we will not be accepting donations for the following weeks to ensure our team is kept healthy.***

A few of our lines are out of stock for the moment as we donated a LOT of our soaps (we still have some left before we wait for deliveries), shampoo bars, loofahs and the remainder of our reusable pads etc to those who could really have done with the support, including a Glasgow care leavers team and foodbank last week. However, our orders of new stock will be delivered soon and will be updated on the website as and when that happens.

Start Shopping and Supporting Social

Thank you so much for your continued support and love to each other, we’re so thankful to have you here.

Stay safe, keep healthy, keep active, keep learning and we look forward to seeing you in person when this is all over and done with.

From myself, Sophie L, and the amazing team that helps the world go round a little more at Society Zero C.I.C:

Julie, Lewis, Jamie, Sophie M, Laura, Edith and Graeme

162 Queen Margaret Drive,  Glasgow G20 8NX



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