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We’ve begun our crowdfunder to buy and create a mobile zero waste shop!

For the past year and ever since our first market stall, we have been gathering market research from you, speaking to you all about what you’d like, what you need and what would make living zero waste more accessible to you. The answers were aplenty and the biggest response was – I need a zero waste shop near me!

This is where our team got our eco-friendly thinking hats on and came up with a mobile zero waste shop, just like the fish vans that go around different areas, we thought, well we could do the same but with varied foods and household liquid refills. We want zero waste shopping to be as accessible as possible.

We wanted the mobile shop to be as eco friendly as we could of course, but electric vans on the market were not only extremely expensive meaning we would have to crowdfund more, but they were also tiny, limiting the range of food and products we could sell. Our team also contacted electric bus manufacturers but they never responded or they were still very much in the development stage which wasn’t helpful (one day though!). The good news is though, with bringing our zero waste shop to you, there is a lower carbon footprint than everyone driving to a zero waste shop far from their area.

Then, a wonderful Scottish social enterprise based in Arran privately messaged us on Instagram after noticing our post about what our plans were and said their van was up for sale. It was already fitted out with shelving, a fridge and a freezer – too good to be true? Nope! Sophie, our founder, went to visit the van and it was perfect! The only changes needing made were to the top shelving to fit in gravity dispensers and scoop bins but this wouldn’t cost as much as fitting out a whole van, phew!

What the money raised be used for?

We’ve now got our larger unit and base in Huntershill Village and we are now crowdfunding to bring you what you’ve all been asking and waiting for. The money will be used for:

  • For the van itself including it’s MOT
  • Safe upper shelving refit to make way for gravity bins, scoop bins, household liquid bottles
  • Gravity dispensers, scoop bins, produce trays
  • Signage so you know who we are when we’re parked up and you can find us
  • Generator for the fridge and freezer
Scotland's first mobile zero waste shop
All those gravity dispensers and scoop bins in brick and mortar zero waste shops across the UK look great don’t they? Imagine if it came in a mobile shop to you! Image from CupboardLoveHome
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What you will be able to buy from us plastic free at the mobile shop?

  • Pasta, rice, seeds, nuts, pulses, beans, herbs, spices, teas, fruit, veg and more.
  • Vinegars, oils
  • Small selection of frozen vegetables, and chilled items like local milks and cheese
  • Shower wash, soaps, shampoos and conditioners
  • Refills of household cleaners, washing up liquid and laundry soap

We will bring our sewing bee produce bags along with us and have donated jars for you to refill with should you not have bags or containers with you on the day.

You’ll also be able to pay by card too just like you do at our market stalls.

Where will the mobile shop go?

We have loyal customer bases across many council areas in central west Scotland and we aim to have our mobile shop visit all of these areas, with a set day per week, popping up at farmers markets and neighbourhoods which usually have to rely on one single shop. 

  • Glasgow city – specifically north and west Glasgow
  • East Dunbartonshire
  • Renfrewshire
  • North Lanarkshire
  • South Lanarkshire
  • Stirling

We’ll also be bringing our mobile shop to Scapa Fest and some other events throughout the year too. On these days we have the mobile shop away, we’ll aim to have a market stall pop up in its place.

Should we reach our stretch target we’ll also be able to set up our online shopping system for you to order food to be delivered directly to your door should you miss us on the days we visit your local area.

Our Social Impact

If you haven’t heard of who we are and what our mission is – we want to support not only the zero waste movement in and around Glasgow and across the central belt reducing our environmental impact, BUT ALSO, marginalised and disadvantaged communities with personalised support such as donations of reusables, along with the general public through events, workshops and employment opportunities paying the real living wage.

The vision is to have our mobile shop with two members of staff working as well as more staff completing the online orders for everyone. We want to also give our staff drivers licenses as this can be a huge barrier to work for some people and we want to break down these barriers. 

If this is the first post you’ve read from us, you can read more about our story, what we do and who we are here.

Donate to our crowdfunder here to help us bring zero waste shopping to YOU.

Zero Waste shop in Glasgow

162 Queen Margaret Drive,  Glasgow G20 8NX


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