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As we reach the end of Plastic Free July, our plans for a zero waste shop in Glasgow has gotten so much support from companies, government and local government officials and more importantly, support from yourselves, but we also need your help.

Why we’re crowdfunding now

Young Enterprise Scotland has organised for Society Zero CIC to host a market stall alongside the popular ‘Art on Scotland’ market in Royal Exchange Square on the 25th and 26th August 2018, and we have no means to stock our stall to meet the expected crowds and demand.

We had thought that we would be able to secure funding from social enterprise funding resources but the problem for us now, is that all applications have been postponed until their next panel meeting. We have also been asked by these sources to provide results from our market stall to make our case stronger for funding, so we need your help.

Support us here –

We have exhausted all other possible routes we can, meaning we have only managed to procure a micro-finance loan of £1000 but this unfortunately doesn’t meet the full costs of us setting up this full weekender market stall with everything else it entails.

To get our message and enterprise out there, we want to take this fantastic opportunity in a prime location and market Society Zero CIC for our future endeavours, to meet our growing online support in person and most importantly provide zero waste products to the people of Glasgow, and we would like your support.

What you will be funding

Your kind donations will fund stock and more that you would find in our zero waste kits including products from the socially and ethically responsible businesses we support (read more below)

Examples of what we will be stocking following our survey:

Straws – Bamboo and Steel with brush cleaners

Tote Bags and Produce Bags

Bamboo Cutlery and Wraps

Beeswax wraps

Stainless Steel Lunchboxes

Paper Cotton Buds

Soaps and Bamboo Soap Dishes


Bamboo Toothbrushes/Sets

Cloth Makeup Rounds

Safety Razor Kits

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Menstrual Cups

Cloth Sanitary Pads

Small selection of loose snack foods and plastic free chocolate

We would love to stock a wide variety and expand our food range at a later stage depending on funding and risk of perishables.

If you have any other suggestions of what you’d like to see – let us know by messaging us through our social media sites or email Sophie at

Along with the running costs of the market stall including insurance, stock storage, containers, transport and other essentials for trading, we have calculated the cost to be just over £2500. We have set our target at £1500 to meet these costs while we use our micro-finance loan to meet the rest of the cost. We are charged 8% of what we raise through our Crowdfunder and we have a small target to reach for all or nothing so every donation made is crucial to our start up.

zero waste shop glasgow

Supporting Local wherever we can

We want to provide as many locally sourced products and produce as possible, while supporting other social enterprises (where possible) who produce these products for example:

  • Wild and Kind Studio CIC in Glasgow, will be providing our merchandising. From our bags, produce bags, tablecloths for our market stall and even our t-shirts that we will be wearing at our market stall.
  • Trade Right International CIC in Greenock, will be providing Carishea soaps for our market stall alongside other Scottish and British made soaps.
  • Lilah Pads in Aberdeen, will be providing cloth sanitary pads alongside Earthwise Girls and Ecofemme
  • Our reusable water bottles will be provided by Jerry Bottle and Give Me Tap both supporting clean water projects around the world.
  • Our amazing plastic free chocolate will be provided by a fantastic ethical company in Cambuslang.

These are just a few examples of stockists who we will be supporting.

zero waste shop glasgow

Our Social Impact

From our end, we want to support not only the zero waste movement in Glasgow and reducing our environmental impact, but also care experienced young people and, marginalised and disadvantaged communities with personalised support, along with the general public through events and workshops.

Through fundraising and eventual profits when we get to shop-front/premises stage, we will be providing employment experience and opportunities for the aforementioned groups of people while paying the real living wage no matter what age they are.

We also want to provide ‘zero waste kits’ for the rehoused homeless, care experienced young people going into their own homes, women’s shelters (in partnership with Ruby Rebellion CIC) and other groups of people who don’t have many or anything of their own and therefore (generally) have to rely on single use plastic and environmentally unfriendly products. These kits could include:

Bamboo toothbrushes

Menstrual Cups and Cloth Sanitary Pads to reduce period poverty

Stainless steel reusable water bottles to refill wherever possible

Reusable coffee cup

Stainless steel lunch boxes

Bamboo Cutlery, Wrap, Napkin and stainless steel or bamboo straw

Produce bags and tote bags

Backpack to carry these items

These are just some of the ideas and aims we have as a Community Interest Company and something we are wanting to do in the future when we are able to financially.

Society Zero CIC – A community interest company

In case you haven’t heard what a Community Interest Company (CIC) is, it’s a company formed like other limited companies but with an asset lock meaning if anything goes wrong and we had to dissolve the company and stop trading – our assets would go to similar community interest companies meaning it all gets moved into other areas rather than going to ‘waste’.

It also means, we are not for profit. While a CIC isn’t a charity, it is similar to that we cannot have shareholders making a quick buck but it also means we cannot we pay ourselves to get ‘rich’ and we are regulated by the Community Interest Company Regulator.

With Society Zero, we will not have a few directors at the top making big bucks and taking the profit while other staff get very little. We promise to keep wages fair, pay a living wage to our staff, and in proportion to the responsibility of the roles. As any profit comes into the company, it will be redistributed into meeting our aims as a social enterprise.

Who supports our idea

We had an overwhelming welcoming and enthusiastic response to our idea and aims through our market research in which we surveyed through social media sites in groups and through word of mouth, and also with the public in different areas of Glasgow. (Through our research we were also asked to support local so we are meeting this as much as possible too). We’ve received a lot of emails and messages too from so many lovely people wanting to help us by volunteering to help get Society Zero CIC into action too which we are very thankful for.

Society Zero CIC have also had a fantastic reception from; Circular Glasgow, the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, Glasgow City Council councillors, Glasgow local MPs and MSPs, Glasgow Over Plastic, Young Enterprise Scotland, Prince’s Trust, Business Gateway and Zero Waste Scotland, amongst many other businesses and social enterprises in and around Glasgow, if you’d also like to support us – get in touch with Sophie at

We would love for you to support us too!

zero waste shop glasgow

Other ways you can help Society Zero CIC

Please follow, like, share and retweet any posts that we make on FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn and use #zerowasteglasgow #societyzero or #saynotop. This will help us reach as many people as possible who might want to back us.

Start the conversation. Talk to everyone you know about what we’re doing, what your current habits are and how you’re making changes to become plastic free and more zero waste. Let’s get the Glasgow zero waste movement moving!

Say no to P! (plastics) – Refuse single use plastics at your local bars, restaurants and coffee shops by being prepared by bringing your own reusable straw and cup – you’ll more often than not get a discount on your takeout caffeine kick too.

glasgow litter pick zero waste glasgow
From our Director and Founder Sophie (pictured) we thank you for your support!

If we manage to reach our target and surpass it, we would love to finance as many market stalls as possible with your backing for the rest of 2018 and bring in more products.

Through our market stalls we can build up the finance to start looking at premises and make our fully stocked and kitted out social enterprise zero waste shop and workshop space from dream to reality!

zero waste shop in glasgow

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