[BREAKING NEWS] Looking for an ethical oat drink? Look no further! We are about to become the proud stockists of Untitled Oats, an oat milk made using only British ingredients and packaged in reusable glass bottles.

Here are the 3 reasons why we are choosing to work with them (this is an extract from their brilliant website):

Sustainability as a first-thought, not an after-thought.

Oat milk has one of the lowest carbon footprints of any milk (plant-based or dairy), yet the leading brands have lost their way.

We are proud to use zero single-use plastic in our product, and base all business operations on a foundation of environmental principles.

Scottish oats, Scottish oatmilk.

Oats are an iconic part of Scottish heritage.

The Untitled Oat Drink is sold in a glass bottle, which can be re-used without the need for recycling. We collect our used bottles and sanitise them so they can be re-used.

Pay for a product, not our marketing campaign.

By sourcing local ingredients, reusing packaging, and using an in-house delivery system, we can make considerable savings which we pass on to our customers.

It’s been on the list of products you have been wanting us to stock for a while. We took our time to find the right supplier because plant milks aren’t created equal.

The problem with dairy

 Dairy created from cow’s milk has a tremendous environmental impact. Dairy cows emit large amounts of methane and have a considerable ecological hoofprint. ‘Plant-based milks’ have been demonstrated to be much more environmentally friendly. 

The issues with plant-based milks

Oat milk is the only major non-dairy milk which can be produced from British grown ingredients.That means fewer air miles, and a cheaper product for our customers.

We believe the leading brands have lost their way. 

One major brand produces their oat milk in another country and ships to the United Kingdom, whilst another uses imported oats, and a third also produces milks from nuts imported from half a world away.

The sustainable alternative is oat milk. And it should be simple.

What’s the fuss about glass?

 Other plant-milk producers commonly use tetra pak cartons. Although these can be recycled, they use multiple layers of plastic in conjunction with aluminium and cardboard. Plastic sheds into our precious waterways. Instead we package in glass for consumers, which we recollect and sterilise to reuse indefinitely.

It is true that glass has a high initial carbon footprint, but with enough reuses the classic glass bottle quickly becomes carbon competitive. Additionally it is infinitely recyclable, and biologically inert.

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