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As we get ready to scale things up with Society Zero C.I.C, we’re possibly also looking for you

We’re on the lookout for fellow community and environmental activists/supporters who support our ethos, and would like to add to our board of directors.

The positions on the board are non-executive and we’re looking for a variety, so, even if you’re not reducing your waste we’re on the lookout for various areas of expertise.

What do the board of directors do?

In general a board is a legal body with responsibility for overseeing the governance of the social enterprise. Board members work with the Chief Executive/Managing Director, to provide strategic direction, set organisational aims and ensure that the organisation remains true to its purpose and what it was set up to do.

The responsibilities of a company director as given in government guidelines can be found here –

Directors basic duties

  • Assist the Managing Director/Chief Executive on the organisational aims of Society Zero C.I.C and ensure it remains true to this purpose
  • Meet quarterly to reflect, help develop strategy, identify risk and adjust aims as circumstances change. This can be in person and/or online team meeting.
  • Attend additional strategy and development meetings including the entire Society Zero C.I.C team.
  • Work with directors to decide on strategic direction and operational plans
  • Provide support and guidance to the Managing Director and monitor their performance

We’d ask you to get involved with projects and events with Society Zero C.I.C occasionally.

Sounds very formal, is it?

At Society Zero C.I.C we’re not huge on formalities and dressing up in suits, although you’re more than free to if it makes you feel comfortable. However, for team building and collection outings, we’d recommend you leave the three piece at home.

How involved does a board member have to be?

We like continuity, we want to make sure that Society Zero C.I.C is on peak form throughout its long social enterprise life. We’d encourage you to get involved as much as you can. This ensures potential realised and utilised, greater understanding of the company and its ethos, as well as time to put skills to use.

What does this mean? In a nutshell, ensuring you are there for the quarterly meetings, advising when suitable and utilising your skills.

society zero cic team

What skills can you bring to the table?

Our ideal new board members we’re looking to introduce will have any/some/all of the below skills, interests and experience:

  • Social, environment and/or community development
  • Accounting/Finance – ideally with background knowledge of C.I.C accounting and funding applications but not essential
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Relevant sector experience such as food retail
  • Business development and strategy – particularly with hands on experience of start up and growth

This is a voluntary and non-executive role, there will be no remuneration for your time as a director. If there is availability however, and you’d like to become a fully fledged member of the team, then this will be open to you.

How to apply:

If you’re interested and sound like what we’re looking for, then please apply with your CV and a covering letter (make it count) with subject line ‘Board Members Application’ – to Sophie here. Please ensure to include what interests and experience you have relevant in the cover letter. Closing date for applications is 20th April 2020.


If successful you will be invited to a meeting with Sophie, where you can discuss the roles and ideas we have going forward, as well as experience and how you would fit in the company. Once agreed, positions will not be formalised until the board knows that it is a good fit going forward.

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