Your comments and contributions to our zero waste shop idea was astoundingly supportive and positive!

Society Zero’s results for our zero waste shop in Glasgow

While we have now finalised our market research, we are currently looking at market stall spaces (as mentioned in our previous post) as well as (permanent structure) premises to be able to provide you with zero waste products in the West End area of Glasgow, as evidenced by your opinion of where you would want this to be.

It came in first for choice of placement for the shop, and what has now changed (from the southside as mentioned in our previous post) – has been closely followed by the city centre.

Our market research submissions for area most desirable for our shop Society Zero 

What you said and our reasonings

For many reasons the city centre would be great for traffic and being noticed, but in our honest opinion, despite people thinking it would be easier for commuters, how many commuters carry jars around and produce bags with them to work?

Also, nine times out of ten commuters are generally buying convenience food before travelling and as a zero waste shop, this doesn’t work with our ethos or aim as convenience doesn’t match the; ‘slow-food’, homemade and from scratch type of foods we will be selling.

Convenience also normally means plastic too and that means a huge no from us. Also, with the lack of people going grocery shopping in the city centre matched with extortionate city centre rent + rates = bye bye business. Some had mentioned the east end of Glasgow too, and while this is being re-generated and it would fit in with some groups of people, the west end had the most votes.

For those who decided to add their own locations to the question before we managed to switch off  the add option to preferred location (woops) – our favourites were ‘Anywhere! Scotland needs them everywhere!’ and people lovingly saying they want somewhere for their family in different parts of the country – we LOVE the enthusiasm, but unfortunately we can’t open that many stores at once.

As a social enterprise, we’d like to focus on Glasgow and surrounding areas communities by helping them have access to food and products to lead a zero waste lifestyle while working on our other social aims.

Keep in touch!

In the meantime, any questions you’d like to ask or any ideas of what you’d like to know, read or see – please send us a message through the contact form on the website or through our various social media outlets. We also have a newsletter you can receive through email if you’d like, just sign up using the link to the right of the page.

Thank you so much for all of your kind comments and messages of support and intrigue, it’s been truly heart warming and reassuring we are doing the right thing.

We look forward to hearing from more of you and meeting you.

If you have any questions please contact us via our contact form or via our social media pages – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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