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Men in general are branded with not being as eco-friendly or environmentally aware as women. Should this get in the way of celebrating Fathers Day? Certainly not, let’s instead take the challenge on.

Some of the best dads I’ve met are the ones teaching their children about the environment and exploring the world with them teaching them how to reduce their impact. Even children are the ones teaching their parents about the environment now that the world is becoming more aware too. So, what can we do to celebrate while reducing our impact?

These can also of course, be used for Mothers Day or any other celebration day where gifts are the norm.

Zero Waste Fathers Day Top Tips

Skip the card

If you’re wrapping a physical gift, write on the paper you’re (hopefully) reusing) or just skip altogether and tell them face to face. Cards are tradition but how long do we really keep them for? If it’s for a funny meme or comment, take a photo of it and message it using your phone instead.

Plant trees together

The more trees in the world, the better for our environment. Plant a tree or other plant together, maybe a grape vine for his own wine one day.

zero waste gift giving tree planting society zero
Tree planting, a fun feel good experience for everyone to enjoy

Homemade favourite sauces

Whip up some homemade sauces like hot sauce, BBQ, ketchup, mustard or pasta sauces. Gift in sterilised reused jars along with some snacks and you’re onto a winner.

zero waste fathers day gift
Homemade sauce can be a great reuse of jars you’ve been hoarding while also gifting

Brew your own

You may need some more time to make certain alcohols but buy the ingredients in bulk, add water and get brewing. Beer or wine (or something else), there are loads of tutorials online, but you can also contact a local small brewery and ask if you can take part to brew your own blend and gift your creation.

brew beer zero waste fathers day
Personalise your own brew as a gift

Bake something

Baguettes, sourdough, loaves, pizza, cakes, biscuits, crackers, pastries… Who can resist a bit of home-baking? Store in a bread bag, wax wraps or a produce bag so they stay nice and fresh.

baking gifts fathers day zero waste society zero
Bake his favourite treat and it’ll be smiles all round

What does he need or want?

Ask him what he needs above everything (I really should have made this first shouldn’t I…). There isn’t much more zero waste than something that someone genuinely needs other than giving nothing. Ask him what he needs, be it socks, a tie, a shirt, you’re reducing waste by giving him what he actually needs. You can go one better and buy second hand too! Charity shops are loaded with ties, books, blazers… the list goes on, so invest in something secondhand for him.

Safety razor kit

Is your dad a smooth shaver? Gift him the BEST shave he’s ever had with a razor the same style his dad, grandad (or even himself) originally used and get a safety razor. He’ll save a lot of money with replacement blades as well as reducing his impact on the environment, so more treats for his darling children! I mean… himself.

safety razor ethical scottish oak zero waste shaving glasgow society zero
Give the gift of the smoothest, ethical shave ever

Book some tickets to a show or concert

Like Christmas gifts, this is a great gift to give and as such, it’s top of the list. Experiences make the best gifts. They don’t take up any space at home, create little to no waste, and provide precious memories to last a lifetime. Take your ol’ Da to a concert, go see his favourite comedian, sports game, attend a lecture or talk, brewery tour or take a visit to somewhere like the science centre. Just make sure to always use electronic tickets whenever possible to avoid waste.

Picnic and day out

Pack a lunch (perhaps gift him a lunchbox or beeswax wraps too) and take a hike up your favourite Ben (in Scotland) or hill, take a sailing trip to an island and pack a lunch for the day. Being fed and a day out? Sounds like bliss. Get some online train tickets booked or hire some bikes if you don’t have your own and get outdoors. You can always pop into the local pub wherever you’re visiting too.

zero waste gift giving cycling day out society zero
Some fun memories to be had while exploring

Send Dad away somewhere

This may sound rude but what parent doesn’t like some peace and quiet doing something they love? Send your dad away on a mountain biking trip, a sailing day, a train trip or whatever he’s interested in and he’ll no doubt be appreciative. To add a personal touch, create an online playlist for him to listen to.

zero waste fathers day travelling day out society zero
Get some online tickets booked and gift the peace and quiet with adventure

Hopefully this has given you some tips on where to start for gift-giving, of course this can be adapted for Mothers Day, birthdays and other celebrations. Let’s make celebrations low/zero waste as much as we can and prove events can still be celebrated.

What are your zero waste gift giving tips?

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