Since we opened our doors in August 2020 at 162 Queen Margaret Drive ((in the middle of the pandemic!), we’ve aimed to bring you new products every month.

At first it was all about what anyone expected to find in a great zero waste, plastic-free, packaging-free shop – the pantry staples everyone needs everyday: pasta, flour, grains, treats, coffee etc…

Gradually, we refined our stock with products and produce YOU asked us to stock, and it’s working SO WELL we want to continue asking you.

So far…

January 2021: Our very own Organic Fruit & Veg Boxes

February 2021: Mossgiel Refill Milk Machine + their awesome flavour refills to make your own milkshakes

March 2021: Cow’s Milk Butter by The Edinburgh Butter Company the and Vegan Butter Block by Naturli’

April 2021: Oat Milk from Untitled Oats: Scottish Oats, Scottish Oat Milk.

Going forward…

What do you want us to stock over the next few months? It could be anything and we’ll do our best to find a plastic-free, packaging-free version at a great price, as we always do.

It’s only good for us to have some visibility so let’s aim to have enough ideas to see through from May 2021 until October 2021!

You can record your ideas here.

While you are here…

A few other things for you to check out while you think…

We have a great free resource to download to learn how to never run out of pantry staples! It’s a shopping list organised over 52 weeks – a clever system that helps you keep on top of what your family needs without buying too much or too little.

And available every week: give yourself a break and take the stress out of last-minute dashes with a convenient box full of seasonal veg for vibrant and nutritious meals. You can order your box anytime online to collect in-store at 162 Queen Margaret Drive every Friday 12-6pm & Saturday 11-2pm.

162 Queen Margaret Drive,  Glasgow G20 8NX


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