Friends and followers- we have some news.

We have decided to close down Society Zero CIC. 

It’s been a while since I wrote a personal post to you all, but at the same time, I’ve been really really busy, and here’s why. 

Over the past few months, since I last wrote the last personal post about how sales had dropped and we were making everyone aware of the position we were in, I’ve been doing everything in my power to find a way to keep us going and to survive the quiet period that’s normally expected following Christmas.

There are many reasons for this decision, and so many “what if’s” we have pondered over, investigated, tested and tried out over the past few months but bricks and mortar business has become an almost impossible thing with overheads, making sure staff are paid a liveable wage, utilities that are having an effect on everyone and rise in costs overall that we don’t feel fair to push onto you shopping with us as there have been enough increases that we have absorbed as much as we could without being ridiculous.

I started Society Zero CIC 4 years ago, with the view to make even a small difference in the Glasgow community, and we’ve more than achieved that and been recognised by the community and awards as a result. 

Opening our brick and mortar shop mid-pandemic, weirdly, served us really well but as the world started opening up again, customer numbers and spends dropped dramatically and to now a completely unsustainable and detrimental level. 

We are sad to say goodbye and all of us are feeling a bit raw but we also know we’ve done our absolute best to explore every avenue possible to try keep this going but to no avail. 

I have so many thankyous to say, and am so grateful for every person this has brought into our lives as a whole team. From the people I met with at the very beginning while I pushed my youngest in his buggy to meetings and markets, to our volunteers over the years, to our social enterprise funding we received to kick-start us, the amazing people we’ve collaborated and worked with, the companies who have asked us to host events, consultations and workshops, to growing the whole team I have loved and appreciated every one of, the customers who shopped with us, our online following supporting us from the get-go and continuing to shout about us, the fellow entrepreneurs I’ve met, some of which I proudly call my best friends, I cannot express just how grateful I am.

It was absolutely the right choice to create Society Zero CIC, I’m so happy and proud of what we’ve achieved over our four years but, like many other zero waste shops, unfortunately, it’s time to close the doors. 

There is so much more to say, and so many of you we want to speak to, but for now- the shop will close it’s doors on Saturday 23rd April 2022. 

We’ll also be reducing our opening hours and days and will update you on this over the next week. 

If you currently get a veg box from us, we will be in touch, but they will carry on for now.

Much, much love.

from Sophie and the amazing team of Society Zero CIC.

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