ochvegan soaps making workshop

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Hello, you creative soul!

Let’s make some soap together! Come along to the workshop, where we unravel our secrets about creating creamy, bubbly bars. We have teamed up with Och Vegan to bring you this hands-on soap-making workshop.

You will receive an introduction to the most traditional soap making technique, called cold-process. It’s a beginners course where we dive into plant-derived oils, the magic of saponification, inducing-senses essential oils, natural colourants and the number one – safety.

You’ll get to design your soap, choose its scent, colour and additives. And then, we’ll hop on the soap making wagon, and you will make your soap, maybe for the first time in your life!

Every participant will finish the workshop with a 1kg loaf of soap they made themselves and the confidence to make soap at home using accessible products from a kitchens pantry.

Let’s soap’n’roll!

Time & Date:
12th September 2021
5 pm – 7 pm

Society Zero CIC
162 Queen Margaret Dr,
G20 8NX

Cost: £29
The cost covers all necessary equipment and supplies required to make a 1kg loaf of soap. Please note that the soaps will be left in the Society Zero shop at the end of the workshop to set, and then they will be available for pick up from the following day. You will also be responsible for cutting them into bars if you wish to do so. All soaps will have to cure for a minimum of 4 weeks before they are ready to be used.

Age 16+
Please, bring a long-sleeve clothing
The group is limited to 8 participants with a waiting list.

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162 Queen Margaret Drive,  Glasgow G20 8NX



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