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It’s been a couple of weeks now, but we’re still overwhelmed and elated with the great feedback and response to our first ever zero waste market stall!

On the Saturday, being nervous about how it would turn out, we set up on a glorious sunny morning, prepared for anything that could possibly happen, worrying about how many people would be interested in our goals to help Glasgow become more zero waste – were people ready for us?

Despite the MASSIVE support through our successful Crowdfunder to help fund the stall, and the response to our market stall event on Facebook, we were still worried about how many people would actually turn up – how many events do you respond ‘interested’ on Facebook yet never go? Exactly.

zero waste market stall glasgow
Sophie and Kate fixing up the displays between customers on the Saturday

We should never have worried about how it was going to go, but as we’re taught – prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

Our first customers came by even when we hadn’t fully set up yet! Laying out our small but wonderful selection of reusable and environmentally friendly products, as well as our well-loved unpackaged chocolate, we had customers coming by and buying products.

zero waste market stall glasgow
Willow and Plum Soaps, Bamboo Soap Dishes, Friendly Soaps, Raven Chocolate Roaming Vegan Baker Scottish tablet, Stainless Steel Lunchboxes, BeeBeeWraps Beeswax wraps, KeepLeaf Sandwich Bags and Produce Bags – Phew!

Throughout the day we were inundated with massive crowds of people coming by, from people being told we were hosting our stall at the many other events throughout the city, people who just happened to be in Glasgow, those who had seen our event by chance and came along to say hi, referrals from their friends who had passed the message on about the stall and even those who had found us by coming across our website by chance and decided to pop along.

Happy Zero Waste Shoppers, even in the Glasgow rain

Our biggest surprise was that this continued through on to the Sunday stall too!

It was pouring torrential rain most of the day, yet our lovely Crowdfunder pledgers like the amazing Nicole who we had never met before and other small business owners like the wonderful Caroline from The Green Place and Alex – The Roaming Vegan Baker popped by and others who had come into Glasgow to do the cycle event and only to pop by our stall along with many others who again, just happened to find us online (power to the internet!) it was overwhelming how supportive and enthusiastic everyone was.

zero waste glasgow
Sophie, Kate and Laura keeping warm in the cold wet weather during set up before the start of the trading day

We, including the wonderful Laura from The Real Junk Food Project Glasgow who helped out on the day kept warm drinking tea and with the amazing stories everyone was telling us of how they’re changing their habits and managing to get their family and friends in on the action too.

Putting names to faces, talking to new people about our social enterprise aims, how to use products and of course sharing our hints and tips while eating the gorgeous Raven Chocolate – it truly was the most amazing weekend.

With around 500 – 600 visitors to our stall and selling out of a lot of products, we had the best weekend we could ever have possibly asked for, all while having the most interesting and insightful conversations about the waste problem in and around Glasgow and the goals for our social enterprise.

zero waste glasgow shop
All set up and ready to go! There wasn’t much left to pack away thankfully for our backs!

Now we’re getting ready for our next market stall – Saturday 15th September at Saint Silas Church in Woodlands, Park Road, Glasgow.

So be sure to come along, if you can’t make it, we’ll be at many others too, just check our Events and Workshops page for more details.

Society Zero Online Shopping and other projects – A New Business Plan

After the feedback we had from customers, we were asked a lot about our online shop and you may have noticed we do have a tab in our menu for this. We are building it in the background while also keeping on top of everything else but will announce it’s opening very soon.

We were also asked about where we would be based and got some great advice from some people on where we could set up just by chance – supporting small businesses is key to a city or town thriving! So, armed with information and further advice, along with your feedback, we are now looking into some options for us to work with and expand on. As soon as we make sure it’s viable, we’ll let you know as we don’t want to get people’s hopes up.

Sophie also had a meeting with Circular Glasgow and the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce on a HUGE project she’s wanting to make happen for Society Zero in the future that is connected with the shop but goes so much further with the idea and we’re happy to report, they were delighted and very excited about the

ideas she had. We want to focus on reusing as much waste from other industries to make this project work, on a monumental, manufacturer and industrial scale and now we can start putting it all into ‘prep-mode’.

It’s as if she thinks we can take on the world… Who knows, maybe we can?

What Society Zero is doing in a nutshell to make zero waste in Glasgow happen

  • We are always working on accessibility and furthering ourselves to meet our aims as a social enterprise to make zero waste living as accessible to as many people as possible, no matter what demographic they come under
  • We will be working and continue to work closely with other social enterprises within Glasgow and some other small businesses as well because supporting small businesses is what keeps a sustainable economy within an area
  • We’ll be doing some further market research to check viability on other avenues we can go down to open up access to zero waste shopping
  • Our online shop will be ready very soon, we’re just perfectionists so want to make sure we’ve got it right for everyone to make it as easy as possible to use
  • We’ve got bigger plans than just our zero waste shop, and it’s only going to get better – A circular Scotland can be achieved and we’re working on the groundwork with some huge companies already (Fun fact – this is why we have a circle around our building up leaf in our logo)
recycled bags zero waste glasgow
If you got one of our salvaged totes, you’ll notice these are made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled cotton fabric scraps from the textile industry! How cool is that?!

Our First Swap Shop in Glasgow – making zero waste easier

We also now have our first public event confirmed.

In case you hadn’t noticed our events page or announcements on social media, we’re hosting our first Swap Shop. It was on the agenda for a while as you probably would have noticed from our events page but now have the perfect space for our first one and we’re so looking forward to it.

If you would like to know what else we have planned, see other planned events on our Events and Workshops page for more of what is to come over time.

swap shop glasgow zero waste glasgow

In the meantime, as you’re digging through your things to see what you are wanting to swap at our event, let us know what you’d like to buy more of and see at our market stalls via our contact page or message us through our social media outlets. Also, if you have any photos from our stall, email them to Kate – so we can include them in our social media.

For anyone who sponsored our Crowdfunder for the £15 notice – please get in touch so we can do a separate blog post with you

zero waste shop in glasgow

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