Butty Bag with Napkin


  • Reusable lunch bag with 100% cotton napkin/bap wrap
  • Stylish and durable vegan leather made from cellulose and latex
  • Practical for carrying/picking up your lunch rolls on the go
  • Stiff leather at first but softens over time and usage
  • Easy to keep clean as machine washable
  • Popper fastening
  • Matching Lunch Bags and snack pouches available

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HITW Butty Bag with Napkin

A fantastic option for your lunch rolls, this set comes complete with a vegan leather lunch bag and a 100% organic cotton bap wrap napkin to save on those disposable paper ones.

Bigger than the HITW snack pouch, and smaller than the lunch bag, it is the perfect combination for a filled bread roll.

Vegan leather (aka washable paper) is a unique product. The material is 60% cellulose and 40% latex. Although the latex is not the natural version (and so not biodegradable), the material is super strong and the items are made to last.

It looks and feels like the paper bag lunches and is very lightweight, but strong and durable. Over time, the vegan leather becomes more pliable. The bag can be wiped clean, rinsed and even machine washed!

Size: 18cm (when clipped shut) x 14cm (at base) x 7cm (at base).

These are handmade in Lancashire by a very small team of amazing women wanting to provide affordable vegan friendly zero waste products.

Best Bit

This vegan leather is made from cellulose and latex, although it isn’t fully natural, this bag is made to last for an extremely long time. Durable, reusable and gorgeous, what’s not to love?

Top Tip

Vegan leather is very easy to maintain and clean. You can wipe it, or wash with soapy water and rinse, and even wash it in the machine up to 60 degrees if needed.


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