Plastic Free Nail Brush


  • Fully compostable brush
  • 100% Plastic free
  • 100% Vegan and sustainable materials
  • Sustainably sourced and handmade in Germany

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Plastic Free Nail Brush
These sustainably produced plastic free nail brushes are brilliant! We’ve personally found them more effective than soft plastic nail brushes we previously used, thanks to the tough Tampico natural fibres.

Thanks to the toughness of these brushes, they’ll last you a long time, plus, no worry of microfibres going down the drain!

Ethically produced in Germany, using FSC certified beech wood and natural Tampico fibre (vegan) bristles.

These brushes can also be fully composted at the end of it’s life.

Top Tip
Rinse and air dry properly after use to prolong it’s life. Rinse with bicarb and vinegar to clean the brush effectively.

Best Bit
What’s not to love about these? They’re ethically and sustainably produced, as well as being completely compostable, at the end of its long life.


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