High on the list of requests from you is packaging-free plant yogurt. We’re working hard behind the scenes to source a supplier but believe it or not, packaging-free is far from the being the norm. So we thought we’d bridged the gap by sharing with you a recipe to make your own!

Plant yogurt is typically made from nuts such as almonds, cashews, coconuts, and even other foods like soybeans, oats, and peas! We have plenty of nuts in stock for you to choose from and we can’t wait to see all the different kinds of plant yogurt you are going to make.

Plant yogurt starter can simply be acquired by purchasing a live plant yogurt from a store (so not *fully* packaging free but better than buying all the time) and from them on, you can simply keep 50g of your previous batch to inoculate your next!

Perfect addition to our click and collect fruit boxes!

See you in store!

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