Strawberry season is upon us! You can eat all of them – even the green leaves and yet each year, strawberry tops are discarded and chucked away as waste. The strawberry green leafy crown has some little known health benefits.

Did you know that the leaves are a rich source of antioxidants and are great to support the immune system thanks for their high vitamin C content?

Here is a recipe to help you get started on a new relationship with the strawberry leaves!

And a few other uses for these too frequently discarded scraps:

  1. Fruity Water. Use the strawberry tops to infuse your daily water. Add fresh mint too!
  2. Vinegar. Infuse apple cider vinegar with strawberries leaves.
  3. Smoothies. Just treat it like kale!
  4. Tea. Just a simple, delicious, refreshing herbal tea.

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