2 Pack – Plastic Free – Non Sponge


  • Plastic free 2 pack of Non Sponges
  • Made using 100% organic cotton waffle material
  • Black dyed to hide staining from washing dishes
  • Machine washable

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Plastic free Non Sponge – Head in the Woods

These gorgeous 2 pack of non sponges are brilliant! Made using waffle textured 100% organic cotton and dyed black, so no stains from washing up tomato or dark based sauces. They’re perfect for washing up the dishes plastic free.

Handmade by the wonderful Sanne in Lancashire, we absolutely love the whole product range she produces.

Top Tip

Rinse after use and wash every so often in the washing machine to sterilise. Air dry to prolong the sponges life. Cotton naturally shrinks a little in the wash. Avoid tumble drying to keep the shape of your sponge.

Best Bit

We love the waffle texture of these sponges which is great for washing dishes well and the fact that they’re black too means it covers up the stains!


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