Denttabs – Zero Waste Toothpaste Tabs



Zero Waste Toothpaste Tablets

Our Denttabs are supplied to us from Germany in compostable paper sacks which we can then distribute to you in recycled paper or in our handy repurposed jars donated to us.

It is best to use with a bamboo toothbrush so that the crumbs polish your teeth properly as an electric toothbrush won’t work as well with these.

These Denttabs are the only zero waste toothpaste options available just now containing fluoride, although we do stock fluoride free tablets too

Easy to store

Very minty flavour to freshen breath
Contain no bleaching agents but as the tablet crumbles, they will polish your teeth


Microcrystalline Cellulose | Sodium Bicardbonate | Citric Acid | Silica | Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate | Magnesium Stearate | Stevia | Menthol | Xanthum Gum | Eugenol

Fluoride containing tabs only – Sodium fluoride
Top Tip

Chew for a minute to break the tablet up and let the crumbles polish stains and plaque away from your teeth.

For younger users (not suitable for under 3’s to chew) soften by leaving in the open with steam after a shower or bath before use, or place on a wet toothbrush and let it dissolve before use

Best Bit

We are supplied these in compostable paper.
We only sell these wrapped in compostable paper/cardboard or using repurposed jars donated to us -No need for extra packaging!

Additional information


fluoridefree6monthsupply-360tabs, fluoridefree1monthsupply-60tabs, fluoridetrial-12tabs, fluoride1monthsupply-60tabs

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