Mutiny Safety Razor with blades

The wonderful safety razor, taking us back to how our grandparents used to shave, all while being environmentally friendly. Get a cleaner, closer shave with no irritation and ingrown hairs due to only one blade, all while being kinder to the environment.


  • Weighted Safety Razor with beautiful chrome finish
  • 5 FREE fully recyclable razor blades

The razor kit is packaged plastic free and in fully recycled and recyclable materials.

Best Bit

  • A cleaner, closer shave with one blade which means no nasty shaving irritation or ingrown hairs.
  • Packaged in fully recyclable and recycled packaging.
  • The weight of the razor helps guide the shave.
  • Brilliant for your bank balance as the replacement blades are very inexpensive, and it’s only these you’ll need to replace.

Top Tip

Store your used blades in a blade bank to save up and then when


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