Plastic Free Reusable Face Wipes

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  • Plastic free reusable face wipes
  • Pack of 5
  • Extra large wipes
  • Organic cotton layer and muslin layer for gentle exfoliation

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Plastic Free Reusable Face Wipes – 5 pack

These extra large reusable face wipes come with 2 layers. One layer of extra soft organic cotton side and a muslin at the back for gentle exfoliation.

These gorgeous handmade face wipes are brilliant and come in a pack of 5 reusable wipes, one for each day of the week for plastic free facial cleansing.

Top Tip
Use these wipes with your favourite soap or oil. You can also use with only water on the muslin side for cleanser free but effective, gentle exfoliation.

Rinse before washing in the washing machine, to remove staining – add some bicarbonate of soda to your wash load.

Best Bit
Bargain price with the size, quality and number of them, all without losing the effectiveness and beauty of them.

1 review for Plastic Free Reusable Face Wipes

  1. anna (verified owner)

    really soft cotton, almost like fleece, on one side. a little rougher – but totally pleasant – on the other. do the trick wonderfully. it would be even better if they were sold with a little mesh bag for the washing machine because they really ball up when wet and look like they’d clog up the machine if loose.

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