Reusable Baby Wipes


  • Pack of 10 super soft, brushed cotton baby wipes
  • Approximately 15 x 22cm
  • Great alternative to plastic filled, unnatural baby wipes
  • Machine washable, fully reusable
  • Made in the UK by a small independent maker

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HITW Reusable Baby Wipes

These feel like the softest reusable wipes ever! Made from 100% brushed cotton.

Help to reduce your household waste with these 100% cotton super-soft baby wipes. They are so soft you’ll want to keep them just for yourself (but check out the face wipes for that purpose!). Disposable wet wipes are generally harsh on babies and children’s delicate skin, not to mention an absolute nuisance to the planet, so have a go at these super soft, reusable alternatives.

These wipes are the perfect reusable alternative, and are far kinder on the skin. Highly recommend that they are wet when in use for best cleaning. Nappy rash and sore noses/mouths will become a thing of the past!

Approx. Size: 15cm x 22cm.

Pack of 10 wipes

Top Tip

Best tip for wiping when on-the-go is to take a small spray bottle of water with you, and spray each cloth as and when needed (or run under a tap).

For extra skin kindess, put 80/20 water and oil (like jojoba or sunflower oil) into a spray bottle and apply to wipe before using (don’t use too much oil or this can clog up the wipe). 

How to Use

  • Machine washable at up to 60 degrees
  • Air drying is best to keep the shape and form of the wipes but if you have to tumble dry, dry on a low setting
  • Wet the wipes using a spray bottle of water or keep damp in a reusable tub/box.


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