Soothing Oatmeal – Willow + Plum Soap


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Soothing Oatmeal – Willow and Plum handmade soap
In soap, oatmeal acts as a very mild exfoliating agent that leaves you feeling smooth. It is believed to help with skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. It is soft, moisturising, anti inflammatory and is free from any colour or fragrance.

Oatmeal naturally fights skin irritation, redness and itchy rashes, such as those that occur with eczema and dermatitis. Oatmeal is an excellent exfoliator, renewing dead skin cells, renewing healthy cells and forming a protective barrier on the skin.

Willow and Plum soaps are 100 % natural, handmade bars of soap made using:

Coconut oil
Shea Butter
Caster oil
Olive Oil
Vitamin E
Bentonite clay is also added giving the bar that luxury feel

and of course, finely ground Scottish oatmeal.

These beautiful soaps are handmade in Fife, Scotland and come in a variety of scents that it’s difficult to choose from but they’re all equally amazing and great for your skin and hair.
Top Tip
When using as shampoo, for long hair – lather at the scalp and wash in sections down your hair.

Dry on a soap dish that lets the bar dry out properly so as not to end up with mushy soap or goo where you store your soap.
Best Bit
These amazing smelling soap bars aren’t only great for the environment and your skin, but can also be used as a shampoo bar. This is also so kind to the skin, it can be used on children’s skin too!

Additional information

Weight 140 g
scents / make

SoothingOatmeal, BasilandLime, DarkPomegranate, Nettle, SloeGinandBerries, WildFig, DarjeelingandFreesia, SandlewoodandPatchouli, WillowBarkCharcoal, CedarwoodandScottishSeaSalt

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