Washing Up Pad


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Loofco Washing Up Pad


LoofCo Washing Up Pads are skilfully hand-made by fair waged workers in Egypt using traditional skills. A great alternative to plastic sponges for scrubbing your dishes and kitchen.

Zero plastic
Fits perfectly in your hand, even when expanded

Expands and softens in water to become a flexible pad to use

Can be washed in a cool wash in the washing machine

Convenient cotton hanging string to aid drying between usage

Fully compostable at end of life

Please note – all loofco products may vary slightly in size due to natural plant makeup but they are cut to as close measurements for each product
Top Tip

Wash on a cool wash in the washing machine or by hand and hang to dry to keep clean and in top condition.

Best Bit

Made using sustainable luffa plant and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. This handmade loofah was made using traditional techniques by workers in Egypt earning a fair wage. These are also compostable and last a long time 

Additional information

Weight 59 g

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