A change of hours and an admission I never wanted to have to make

We have new opening hours are in effect as of Monday 8th November!

Here’s some explanation and a brutally honest admission here though, that we hoped we wouldn’t have to ever write.

To start, the hours have slightly altered, because we pay the real living wage to our amazing hardworking team, it’s costly to be open with nobody visiting between 7 and 8pm so we’ve decided to reduce by one hour to 7pm closing for you all and hoping this helps.

The biggest crux, we’re also hoping that we’re able to continue going and customer visits pick up.

Since lockdown eased and other non-controllable factors, we’ve seen a massive drop in customers over the past 3 months and it’s been scary to say the least.

As we absorb as much of the costs as we can that increased prices for some of our suppliers has had on us due to Brexit, as well as not being able to get some products in stock, it’s extremely trying times, not only frustrating for you but for us also as we have to say we’ve been unable to get xx product back in stock, but we’re hoping that we prevail and we can get back to doing what we love with supporting our community as well as our amazing suppliers (and landlord) who have been extremely understanding but it gets to a point.

Zero waste shops across the UK have been hit really hard, particularly since lockdown eased and Brexit effects have had an impact of supplies, as we cannot compete with supermarkets buying powers or their delivery systems that so many relied on during high points of lockdown.

We’re hoping that with the awareness of COP26 and hopefully of our social enterprise, we can pay our overheads to keep going and that people are better equipped with the knowledge of what small changes bring to big impact. We will be bringing our new events and social impact projects live very soon to hopefully mitigate this and stay open as well as supporting you, our local community.

Thank you to everyone who chooses to #supportlocal #shoplocal and #supportsocial to keep this environment and community focused social enterprise going, your support keeps us going and you have no idea how much it means to hear how amazing you think we are and of the living proof of how much of a positive effect of what we do has on you and this community.

We’d love it if you were to speak to your friends and the local community about us as well as you tell us as a little bit of good word of mouth goes a long way and we want to be able to support you all in your environmental journeys as well as marginalised communities for as long as possible.

162 Queen Margaret Drive,  Glasgow G20 8NX



  • MON – 10-7
  • TUE – 10-7
  • WED – 10-7
  • THU – 10-7
  • FRI – 10-7
  • SAT – 10-6
  • SUN- 10-6
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