zero waste glasgow

Thank you so much to everyone who donated and shared our crowdfunder, after fees we now have £1566.76 to spend on stock and our other market stall needs!

zero waste glasgow
After fees are taken from Crowdfunder we have an amazing £1566.76 to use!

The generosity of everyone who donated, shared our story and got in contact to express their support has been overwhelming!

You may have seen me (Sophie) on the live videos on Facebook and Instagram answering your questions and talking about the Crowdfunder, and while it may have been nerve wracking, the engagement was amazing to see all of you support us and share updates and help get our message out there.

You made this happen!

The feedback and support from friends and family, people I’ve never met, most never even spoken to before and other companies showing the true spirit of community over competition – it was all massively overwhelming and truly touched my heart (I may have gotten a little emotional).

I honestly cannot thank you enough. You all made this happen, you are all a part of our Society Zero and ingrained in our beginnings. Every time you see us post about products and events, us being able to help others and our market stalls – know that YOU helped make this happen, your efforts were and are very much a massive part of us being at this stage.

Our zero waste market stall in Glasgow

glasgow zero waste market stall
Keep a note in your diary to come along

We have revised our stock list now, and are now awaiting the funds to clear and we can all but hope that the stock will arrive on time. We have spoken to a few of our suppliers though who have assured us they will be delivered on time, so not to worry, we will not have an empty stall.

Myself and Kate will be accompanied by Laura from The Real Junk Food Project Glasgow at the market stall to help out and speak to the public and customers to spread the message of what we’re doing to those who haven’t heard of us.

What can you do now?

A lot of people have kindly asked how to help and ask what can they do to get involved more and we are ecstatic with the response and enthusiasm! While we work away in the background to try make this our best first experience as possible, you can share the event with your friends, come along and have a chat or get in touch to let us know what you’d really like to buy first off (please remember we have a limited variety due to delivery times but we will stock as many products as we can and update you through our social media outlets on what we will have.

We look forward to meeting you and talking to you about zero waste and Society Zero CIC!

zero waste shop in glasgow




162 Queen Margaret Drive,  Glasgow G20 8NX


  • MON – 10-7
  • TUE – 10-7
  • WED – 10-7
  • THU – 10-7
  • FRI – 10-7
  • SAT – 10-6
  • SUN- 10-6
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