‘Where have you been?’ – We hear you! Here is what we’ve been doing to get our zero waste shop in Glasgow ready so far

We have been working away in the background and are now getting somewhere. Our funding has been applied for and we have been organising our plans to make sure we can provide the best service to you. From here, we can look at where we will be in the future. It’s taken so long to get here but good things come to those who wait (and have the patience of a saint) apparently.

Where then?

We have looked at the feedback you have given us so far through our google form (link here if you haven’t already completed) and while we’ve had some massively varying requests for location (a lot of people have added their own from all across Scotland which was great to see), we gotten the biggest response for the West End of Glasgow with the second closest being the Southside so far.

We don’t want to take away from the fantastic work Locavore have done and are doing and would rather people across the city had access to a zero waste shop in different areas. Although after successful talks, we are talking with them about wholesale options which we will update you on, if/when the time comes!

The Shop? Well yes, with a twist to begin with!

While we have been looking at shop spaces, we have looked around the city centre of Glasgow, West End and even spaces in our local town (Kirkintilloch) but we cannot justify the overheads for somewhere out of town or the city centre and unfortunately, it will take some time until we build capital in order to get permanent premises but we will always be on the look out.

The good news is – Society Zero will start off its journey as a market stall, meaning we can move around with our stall bringing you package free produce and ethical products wherever we can set up (legally, compliant with health and safety, and with acceptance from councils of course).

We are also in search of pop up shop availability and feasibility.  So, once we have our market stall, visiting different areas and more people have heard about our aim then we can build up capital and get permanent premises in our preferred location! *Excited!*

What now?

We just want to thank you all so far, for your support, understanding and eagerness for Society Zero to become a ‘thing’ and it will! It’s heartwarming to see so many people get excited at this idea, including nationwide!

We will continue to share news stories across our social media channels and updates when we can, showing why this is more important than ever before and keep you updated the more we can!

In the meantime, look out for hashtags #saynotop #societyzero and #zerowasteglasgow to find us across social media platforms

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