There are so many harmful chemicals out there in commercial cleaning products and unfortunately, some can’t afford to buy all natural cleaning products, so we’ve created a series of zero waste cleaning products recipes for you

We use this all purpose cleaner recipe, all over the house and it works wonders with a little ‘elbow grease’ put into it. Zero waste, no nasties, all natural cleaning and a mini workout? Count us in!

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All-purpose surface cleaner

What you’ll need:

  • Spray Bottle: Use a new one or clean out an old spray bottle
  • White vinegar: fill a third of the spray bottle with white vinegar
  • Water: fill the rest of the bottle with cold water
  • Bicarbonate of soda: for tough grime, it’s got amazing abrasive qualities

Scents (optional):

  • If you’d like a fresh citrus smell (always makes things smell cleaner for some reason, or is that just us?) without the nasty toxins – use some lemon, lime or orange peels cut them up and put them into the bottle to soak before using. You can also store these in jars and pour on to affected areas (Bonus – these peels can be composted once the bottle is used up or the peels turn grey)
  • If you’d like any other smell added to your cleaner, use a couple of drops of your preferred essential oil

For using on most surfaces just wipe away, if they have a shine or reflection and you don’t want streaks, simply buff away with newspaper, rag, dry towel or cloth.

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For cleaning any soap scum or grime in sinks, bathtubs, grout or on the cooker, you’ll need bicarbonate of soda for this, to work as a abrasive and sometimes it’s best to have a half and half solution in your bottle:

  • Spray a couple of times onto the affected areas
  • Pour a sprinkling of bicarbonate of soda onto the surface on top of the spray, wait until it bubbles
  • Scrub with a brush and rinse

society zero zero waste shop glasgow zero waste cleaning guide

It really is that easy and so cheap to make too! We’ll have more cleaning recipes for you, along with adding the ingredients and bottles to our stock very soon so keep an eye out.

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